New Browser Extensions — v3

New Browser Extensions — v3

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak

A lot of people mentioned that we haven’t updated our browser extension in ages, and it’s true we haven’t. Instead, we’ve spent our time on other noble pursuits — teaching dogs how to file their tax returns, photoshopping nice hairlines on Nicolas Cage, and of course, shitposting on Twitter!

Before you get your panties in a bunch, you should know that we weren’t just shitposting on Twitter, as it simply does not provide us the rush that photoshopping hairlines does. Nor does it provide us with the rush of working on a new version of the Windscribe extension. We re-wrote that sucker from scratch! New features, bug fixes, maybe even cake.

City Level Location Selection

This revolutionary features allows you to connect to servers in individual cities, like you can in our desktop and mobile apps. This also includes the ability to save your favorite locations, so you don’t have to navigate through our gargantuan location list every time. Oh, you can also sort the location by alphabet, a truly groundbreaking feature that will redefine your online experience.

Malware/Phishing Blocking

We’ve added a new Anti-malware block list to the existing arsenal of block lists we already had. It will help reduce your chances of catching an online STD. No, we’re not talking about Tinder. Just enable Malware Evader.

New Privacy Features

WebRTC Blocking

Prevent those pesky WebRTC leaks without any additional extensions, browser setting changes, or cultural re-alignment therapy. Just enable WebRTC Slayer.

Location API Spoofing

This feature may deny you a Harvard scholarship, but it will also prevent random sites from having access to your exact location, even if you have a VPN, since the location API bypasses the VPN tunnel. Your GPS location will be spoofed to a random GPS coordinates in the location that you’re currently connected to. It’s like teleportation, except you don’t literally die every time you do it. Just enable Location Warp.

Notification Blocking

Almost every single website wants to send you notifications so they can spam you even when you’re not on their site. Almost every site has no business of doing so. Prevent them with the Do Not Disturb mode. If only this worked for robocalls.

Other Changes

Revamped White-listing

The white-listing interface has been entirely overhauled to provide the best experience possible. You can now white-list domain names with or without their sub domains. The buttons also look pretty.

Account Details

See the details of your account, right in the app. One click login into our website so you can manage your settings. A true paradigm shift.

Advanced Mode

We use uBlock Origin under the hood to facilitate the client side ad-blocking. You can enable Advanced Mode, and get access to the uBlock interface and use it as you normally would.

In the near future we will swap uBlock out to use R.O.B.E.R.T. due to the upcoming Manifest v3 changes which will gimp all ad-blocking extensions…except Windscribe.

Extension Customization

Don’t want to see the button? Remove it. Tired of our notifications? Disable them. Tired of democracy? Start your own branch of communism. Wait, that’s part of a different article, never mind.

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak