Windscribe works with iOS

Download Windscribe VPN for iPhone

The Windscribe VPN app for iPhone offers a seamless experience, ensuring top-notch online security and privacy. Our transparent, open-source platform is available at no cost with a bandwidth limit, packed with a plethora of safety features.

Getting started with Windscribe on your iPhone is a breeze! First, download the app from the App Store. After the installation wraps up, open Windscribe and sign in using your Windscribe VPN details.

For existing Windscribe members, just enter your login details and tap the "Connect" button. This action establishes a secure connection to the nearest VPN server based on your current location. And voila! You're all set to dive into a secure and private online experience.

Download the Windscribe VPN for iPhone from the App Store and Fortify Your Digital Privacy Today!

With Windscribe VPN, your digital footprint is encrypted, ensuring:

  • Your Internet Service Provider remains blind to your online endeavors
  • The websites you browse detect only the IP address of the Windscribe VPN server you're linked to

For a wider selection of servers, as well as other cool features, consider our Pro plan!

Why Use Windscribe VPN for iPhone?

We Support All The Modern VPN Protocols

Connect on any network, regardless of your location.

Windscribe offers 6 different protocols to choose from, along with over 20 different connection ports.

Wireguard: The latest next-generation VPN protocol that offers record-breaking speeds. Connect on 6 different ports.

IKeV2: Offers fastest connection times and high speeds on most networks.

OpenVPN(TCP): OpenVPN over TCP protocol. Helpful on restrictive networks. Connect on 11 different ports.

OpenVPN(UDP): OpenVPN over UDP protocol. De facto VPN standard for years. Connect on 6 different ports.

Stealth: OpenVPN masked to look like HTTPS traffic. Helpful on restrictive networks. Connect on 11 different ports.

WSTunnel: OpenVPN masked to look like Websocket traffic. Helpful on restrictive networks.

Robust Split Tunneling

Eliminate the chance of any kind of leak.

There are cases when you don't wish to tunnel all your traffic through a VPN. Windscribe offers 2 split tunneling types and 2 modes for each one.


Allows you to select specific apps that go over the VPN tunnel, or alternatively you can exclude specific apps from the tunnel.

Network Level

Allows you to select IP addresses, domains, and whole IP networks to be tunneled over the VPN, or excluded from the tunnel.

Custom Config Support

Import any VPN config into Windscribe.

You may have your own VPN servers that you operate yourself, or ones that are provided by your workplace or even a different VPN provider. You can import any OpenVPN or WireGuard VPN config into Windscribe, and use it as if it's a Windscribe location.

You still get all the benefits and features of Windscribe. You don't even have to have a Windscribe account! Simply choose "Config only" mode from the splash screen, and use Windscribe as a VPN utility.

Meme Friendly

Use custom images as skins and gain 69% better performance.

TCP Socket Termination

Prevents apps from keeping persistent sockets that can sometimes bypass VPNs.

Packet Size Detection

Helps improve speeds on some networks.

Why Trust Windscribe VPN?

Insanely Strict no-log policy. Seriously, we don’t even want to know your name. Read more here.

Freemium, not free. We don’t trust free VPNs and neither should you. That’s why we use a freemium business model, so we can still offer low-budget users basic service without having to rely on selling data for monetization.

Globetrot with the click of a mouse. Choose your preferred server destination amongst 69 countries (nice) and 134 cities across the world.


What Is the Best Free VPN for iPhone?

Well, obviously we think that it’s Windscribe but there are several things you should consider. For starters, as a general rule, a paid VPN service will always be better than a free one. Many free VPNs offer a free service, but fund it by selling user data. Windscribe on the other hand, is Freemium, meaning we can offer a free-to-use product with limited availability, whose cost is offset by our paying users (who get full server access and unlimited bandwidth.)

Isn’t It Illegal to Use a VPN on an iPhone?

Not at all. In fact, in most of the world, it’s not a problem at all. A VPN is a privacy and security tool, and there’s nothing wrong with protecting your data online (you should be doing that anyway)

Is It Safe to Use a Free VPN on an iPhone?

Not if they aren’t called Windscribe. We don’t trust Free VPNs, that’s why we use a freemium business model. This allows us to offset the cost of free users with pro subscriptions that have increased bandwidth and server locations

Don’t iPhones Already Have a Built-in VPN?

All iPhone devices come standard with a built-in VPN capability. However, these VPNs generally don’t use the most modern VPN protocols, require manual setup, and you still need to find or operate a VPN server to connect to