Windscribe 1.7 Changelog

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak

We’ve been working on this version for quite a while, existing installations should prompt you to update the app over the next 48 hrs. Here is what’s new.


  • Added city level location selection
  • Added Automatic Connection mode
  • Added support for 22 languages
  • Added custom TAP adapter
  • Added “Ignore SSL Errors” option
  • Added notifications when firewall is ON and application not connected
  • Added “Advanced Parameters” screen
  • Added EULA to the installer
  • Added IPv6 connectivity disable button, to prevent WebRTC leaks over IPv6 in some situations
  • Added Touch support
  • Added Beta channel
  • Fixed auto-start bug on some systems
  • Fixed Internet connectivity check
  • Fixed persistent session storage
  • Fixed API connectivity on restrictive networks
  • Fixed unquoted service path
  • Fixed disappearing Best Location
  • Fixed WSD port connectivity while firewall is ON
  • Fixed PlayStation UPNP connectivity while firewall is ON
  • Fixed reconnection bug on computer wake up on some systems
  • Changed the Preferences screens
  • Changed the connecting spinner animation

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak