Windscribe 1.80 — Changelog

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak

Here is what’s new.

New features

Fixed bugs

  • Always on firewall not working on OS boot on some machines
  • Application crashes after connection attempts are exceeded with “minimize to tray” option checked
  • Application freeze with firewall ON requires reboot
  • API calls not made if app starts with no Internet connectivity
  • Custom installation now allows for non-standard install path
  • Auto-enable disabled TAP adapter
  • 100% CPU when app starts with no Internet connectivity
  • Don’t try UDP protocol if system proxy is configured
  • Constant application window size on variable DPI screens
  • Login form DPI bug
  • On multi-screen computers, tool-tips show on primary monitor

Other Changes

  • Leave firewall ON if ran out of free bandwidth to prevent IP leak
  • Increase reconnect timeout from 5 min to 1 hour
  • Server list source changed
  • Moved server location update process to separate thread
  • Only do ping tests while disconnected
  • Update available UI change
  • Output installed anti-virus software into debug log for troubleshooting
  • Open survey on application uninstall
  • Installer command line arg support
  • Black and white top bar icon on MacOS
  • Ping nodes in batches instead of all at the same time
  • Allow for verbose OpenVPN logging via Advanced Parameters screen
  • When beta channel is selected, check for updates right away

To-do list for next version:

  • IKEv2 protocol support
  • Emergency Connect
  • Firewall whitelisting overhaul
  • Command line interface
  • Wakeup from hibernation fix
  • Add disconnecting state
  • Async DNS resolver

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak