Windscribe 1.82 (Win/Mac) — Changelog

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak

Here is what’s new.

New features

  • Favorite locations
  • Setting to show actual latency instead of signal bars
  • Setting to disable TCP socket termination (Windows only)
  • Automatic detection of high CPU usage caused by other apps when TCP sockets are terminated

Fixed bugs

  • IKEv2 traffic not counted on MacOS
  • NULL DACL vulnerability (CVE-2018–1133)

Other Changes

  • “Better” Best Location detection
  • Default to AES-256-GCM cipher in OpenVPN
  • Windows systray connection status information
  • Don’t make HTTP requests when disconnected to reduce strain on the API
  • Redact sensitive info from the debug log

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak