Safer Internet Day: A World of Warships x Windscribe Production

Safer Internet Day: A World of Warships x Windscribe Production

Graham C
Graham C

Captains and Windscribers unite!

This February 6th, we'll be celebrating Safer Internet Day – an annual worldwide celebration used to raise awareness for a safer and better internet for all. As gamers and privacy enthusiasts, the issue of online security should always be at the forefront of our minds when manning our battle stations.

That’s why we’ve teamed up once again with our friends from World of Warships. We're aiming to create a safer gaming environment for World of Warships Captains and, of course, give away free Windscribe subscriptions!

EVENT STARTS: Feb 2, 07:00 PM CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Feb 2, 07:00 PM
EVENT ENDS: Feb 15, 03:00 AM CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Feb 15, 03:00 AM

The goal of this event is to complete a simple combat mission chain, at the end of which lies a free one-month subscription to Windscribe VPN for all. The top 60 players ranked by Base XP earned during the event timeframe will also win a free 1-year pro subscription! In addition, you can check out the VOD of our special live stream we did with our friends at World of Warships; in it, we talked about info and tips for using the internet safely.

Mission is available for NA/EU players, but the codes are available globally!

Special Windscribe Mission Part 1

  • Earn 5,000 Base XP

Reward: 2x Polygonal Steel expendable camouflages

Special Windscribe Mission Part 2

  • Deal 1,400,000 damage

Reward: 2x Deep Blue expendable camouflages

Final reward: 75,000 Credits and a Windscribe subscription.

The 60 participants with the most Base XP earned in battle during the event’s timeframe will additionally win a free 1-year Windscribe pro subscription.

More Insane Deals Exclusively for Windscribers

For World of Warships on PC


This code works for new and active players and includes:

  • 2 Special Bonuses containers, for both new and active players
    And many benefits for new players only, such as:
  • 7 days WoWs PA
  • 300 dbl
  • 1,500,000 Credits and much more.

For World of Warships Legends


Included Content:

  • 3x Common Crates
  • 5x Type 1 camouflages
  • 5x Type 2 camouflages
  • 5x Common Ship XP Boosters
  • 5x Common Commander XP Boosters
  • 5x Common Global XP Boosters
  • 5x Common Credit Boosters
  • 5x Common Battle Boosters

Graham C
Graham C