Windscribe 1.83 (Win/Mac) — Changelog

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak

Here is what’s new.

New features

  • WebSocket stealth protocol support
  • Location list sorting methods: Geography, alphabet, latency
  • A la carte location support (future feature)
  • Static IP + port forwarding support (future feature)
  • Custom OpenVPN config support

Put your own OpenVPN configs in the following directory:

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Windscribe\Windscribe\custom_configs
  • ~/Library/Application\ Support/Windscribe/Windscribe/custom_configs

They will now be available in the Windscribe UI. You can take advantage of all Windscribe client features (firewall, proxy gateway, wifi sharing, etc) with your own OpenVPN server. Or use another VPN provider’s servers if you wish.

Fixed bugs

  • Stuck on login in China
  • App prevents graceful Windows shutdown
  • App freezes in “Windscribe is shutting down” state
  • Bad IKEv2 connection causes client to lock up

Other Changes

  • Don’t disable server location on ping test failure

Yegor Sak
Yegor Sak