The Atlas VPN Refugee Program

The Atlas VPN Refugee Program

Graham C
Graham C

The VPN world has been shaken up today as our fellow competitor, Atlas VPN, calls it quits after a mere 5 years in business due to 'insurmountable challenges'. Current users will be ported over to Nord VPN (Atlas's sugar daddy) as of April 24, 2024.

For those of you who aren't interested in joining the company single-handedly responsible for propping up the YouTuber influencer ecosystem (I'm half joking, relax), we've got an offer for you.

Why Should I Adopt Windscribe Over Nord?

That's an excellent question, fellow critical thinker. Since you're clearly a lover of logic, let's logically lay down the reasons why you should switch before Nord slurps you up unwillingly.

We Have a Free Tier

  • Try us without committing - Nord doesn't offer this because they have 0 swag

We Don't Pay For Reviews

  • We don't just throw money at YouTube influencers to hype us up, we believe good quality products naturally get good reviews

We Don't Lie About Our Location

  • Nord isn't even in the North, but in Panama (not in the North)

We're Way Better at Memes

  • Seriously this isn't even close. Have you seen the Nord Twitter feed? 🤮

Still not convinced? Check out our Ethics and Philosophy for a breakdown of our core principles - we think you'll find them agreeable.

Super Special Offer For Atlas VPN Refugees

Since you've taken the time to read this far, the least we can do is reward your efforts. Therefore, until the 24th of April Atlas VPN users can join the Windscribe nation for a bargain price. We're talking $29 (or 57% off) for a year of Windscribe Pro so you can see why we're the best in the game.

Still not sure? We've still got you covered. Not only can you try us for free - zip, nada, nothing - but we're even offering an extra 30GB of data. That's 15x the usual offering!

Graham C
Graham C