Republic of the Niger Relief Code Announcement
Relief Codes

Republic of the Niger Relief Code Announcement

Daniel Sobey-Harker
Daniel Sobey-Harker

Niger has recently suffered from reduced access to the internet and online services due to a military coup. Internet activity has been intermittent and routing in the locale has been unpredictable.

Effective immediately, in solidarity with Nigeriens and in pursuit of an open and free internet for all - a Windscribe Relief Code has been released.


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Yi Hakuri means "Do not lie" & "tell the truth" in Hausa.

We have witnessed regular internet outages and restrictions over the last few weeks. The Niger military is attempting to censor Nigeriens and as such we have decided to release our first Relief Code to support the region.

How To Access Windscribe

Step 1: Create your free account here
(Existing accounts can apply their code here by adding the code YIHAKURI)

Step 2: Install Windscribe & Login

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What Are Relief Codes?

Windscribe, as you might guess by now, is committed to promoting freedom of information and expression worldwide.

We recognize that, in many regions, governmental censorship and restrictions limit public access to essential online resources, infringing on citizens' rights to freely access and distribute information. Therefore, we are releasing a "Relief Code" to give these individuals an opportunity to bypass such censorship.

We believe that everyone deserves unfiltered access to the internet, enabling them to make informed decisions, stay connected with loved ones, openly express their views, and access accurate and timely news about local events, issues, and safety measures.

This Relief Code is our way of supporting the global community in circumventing ever-increasing internet restrictions and surveillance. To allow The Republic of Niger to stay connected with the rest of the free world.

Can I Use This Code From Outside That Region?

Our Relief Codes are designed to help people in war-torn and oppressive areas, where private and secure access to information and communication channels is under genuine and immediate threat. Some people, however, see fit to abuse these codes despite not being from the affected region or involved in the conflict and seek to make a quick buck by reselling accounts.

If you aren't the target demographic for any of these codes, we ask that you don't use them for your own gain. If you are thinking about abusing them for your own gain, we ask that you take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a stern talking to. If you still want to abuse them after this, then, enjoy being a war profiteer, we guess?

Be aware that we have become very good at mitigating account abuse and bans from our service are permanent.

How Are Relief Code Locations Selected?

Windscribe has access to a comprehensive suite of tools for appraising connectivity across our network and globally. Using this tool, and some handy ones approved by our technical team, we can monitor the global state of connectivity.

We can roll out a Relief Code relatively quickly - but if you feel that your region has been neglected you can raise this here at Windscribe on Twitter.

How Can I Help?

If you are based in Niger or have friends or loved ones there, please let them know that this code is available. This will allow them to connect online and avoid the restrictions placed on social media sites.

Daniel Sobey-Harker
Daniel Sobey-Harker