The Secret Side of Windscribe Support

The Secret Side of Windscribe Support

Rebecca Rosenberg
Rebecca Rosenberg

Windscribe Support. The Deep Unknown.

What lurks behind the tickets*, the troubleshooting and the highs of getting things working as they should?

Well, I’m here to tell you… but I’m also here to remind you that we are a privacy company. So, of course, I won't be sharing any personal information or anything of an identifiable nature. Just a little peek, an amuse bouche, if you will, behind the curtains of [email protected] and a few of our funniest and favorite tickets.

Oprah (Sept. 13, 2004)

*First things first, in the support biz we call emails “tickets.” Why tickets? Well, on your end, you are sending us an email. But on our end? Um, technically, we are receiving your email. But then we call it a ticket and assign it a unique number, allowing us to keep track of it. All the back and forth emails are now part of that “ticket.” That’s just the way it is here in support land.

The Stats: What I Can Tell You

All the fun behind-the-scenes information you’ve always wanted to know - how many tickets per hour, longest ticket exchange and more!

164,918 tickets since Sept 2017

That’s about 4 tickets per hour, 736 tickets per week and about 148 tickets per working day.

Obviously, some days are busier than others - new OS releases, Windscribe app updates, major censorship events (like the banning of social media in a specific country) or even a handy YouTube tutorial on how to use Windscribe to change your username in Roblox, can all lead to a bump in tickets.

8747 tickets were personally responded to by the one and only Yegor Sak, CEO of Windscribe.

6% of all tickets - if you got a response from Yegor, consider yourself a member of a select group. Lucky you (or not, depending on the issue)!

188 “FUCK YOU”s

The Last Dance (2020)

Sadly, these are mainly directed at Garry. Folks, he’s trying his very best; take it easy on him, please. You might hurt his non-sentient-being feelings. And while the rest of us in support have pretty thick skin and understand you may be frustrated, remember that we are real people (and Garry) at the end of your chats and emails.

169 reply/responses in a single ticket

Titanic (1997)

So, it looks like this was our longest back and forth, 169 exchanges. The bottom line? We will keep trying every troubleshooting trick in the book, until the very last page of that long book.

41 “PornHub”s

Honestly I’m shocked. That’s hardly any. That’s less than 0.1% of all tickets submitted. Really?

+200 tickets responded to on Christmas Eve and Christmas 2021

Holidays? Vacation? NOT US.  Well, actually, yes, we do take holidays and vacations. Still, we try our darnedest to be there no matter which saviour’s birth is being celebrated.

1053 tickets with mentions of ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost

Now, I haven’t really done a deep dive into the content of each of these tickets, but I’m pretty sure they were all basically about how Windscribe is the best, and these other VPNs can’t compare. Essentially.

123 Most tickets submitted by a single user

Questions, issues, concerns, comments - yes, all of the above. And if this is you… we hope to one day finally solve all your problems with Windscribe.

The Stats: What I Can't Tell You

We have to keep some things a secret - like how many of us are on the team. That's a secret I'll never tell.

? Number of Support Employees

People work in support. How many? More than 2, less than 50. Maybe. I work in support, so that’s at least one you can be sure of.

? Average time it takes to answer a ticket

Would love to tell you, but we don’t keep this kind of info on hand. The Windscribe powers that be aren’t constantly looking over our shoulders, checking our times and monitoring our every move. So really, we have no clue on this one. Most times it’s fast - helping someone recover their password or answering a quick question. But sometimes it can take a little longer, like when we try to figure out a technically complex issue that has literally never happened before in the history of Windscribe, VPNs, computers or the internet. Those ones need a little more time.

? Top 5 favorite types of tickets

5. All
4. Tickets
3. Are
2. Good
1. Tickets

It’s true! Variety is the spice of life, and this couldn’t be more true in the world of support. We could never ever pick a favorite type of ticket. Lost payments, router configs, password recovery, streaming issues - we are here to help!

So, if you ever need a helping hand, have a question or just want to say hi, talk to Garry on our website (bottom-right) or send us a ticket. No problem is too big or too small!

Rebecca Rosenberg
Rebecca Rosenberg