Windscribe works with Microsoft Edge

Secure Your Data Online & Download the Windscribe Free VPN Edge Extension

Without a doubt, Windscribe is the best free VPN extension for Microsoft Edge. Set up the Windscribe Edge extension with ease, all without ever entering your card details!

  • Circumvent internet censorship
  • Obfuscate your IP address from your ISP
  • Say goodbye to intrusive ads
  • Free to use forever (with the option to upgrade for increased bandwidth)

Fortify Your Browsing Experience and Unlock the Open Web with the Best Free VPN Available for Microsoft Edge

Utilizing the Windscribe Edge Chrome Extension allows you to bypass restrictions set by entities like your government, internet service provider, school, or workplace. And best of all, it provides an added layer of online privacy.

We also offer a Pro version with even more features!

Step up Your Online Privacy Game with Windscribe VPN Edge Extension

It’s your data, take back control.

Content restrictions based on location are implemented by governments, and corporations monetize and monitor your personal information. More than just a proxy extension, Windscribe is a full-fledged set of privacy tools crafted to assist you in overcoming these hurdles. Explore some of the instruments in our digital privacy toolkit.

Split Personality

Randomly rotate your user agent to combat browser fingerprinting.

Workers Block

Blocks web workers from running in the background.

Tracker Eradicator

Stop data-selling trackers before they ever load.

Malware Evader

Block access to known malware, phishing, and other malicious domains.

Why Trust Windscribe VPN?

  • Insanely Strict no-log policy. Seriously, we don’t even want to know your name. Read more here.
  • Freemium, not free. We don’t trust free VPNs and neither should you. That’s why we use a freemium business model, so we can still offer low-budget users basic service without having to rely on selling data for monetization. 
  • Globetrot with the click of a mouse. Choose your preferred server destination amongst 69 countries (nice) and 134 cities across the world.

What a VPN Extension Won’t Help You With

Targeted Hacking

    • If you download shady software or open email attachments from people you don’t expect to send you attachments, a VPN will not help you stay secure. Basic common sense will, and it’s free!

Make You 100% Anonymous

    • Changing your IP doesn’t magically make you anonymous. While Windscribe does help to a certain degree by hiding your location, it’s just one part of the quest for total online anonymity.

Protect Torrent Traffic

    • The browser extensions will only protect the activity within the browser. A torrent client runs outside of the browser, so if you wish to protect this activity you need to use the Windscribe Windows or Mac applications


What’s the Difference between an Edge Extension and an Edge Proxy Extension?

The difference here is the functionality of the extension. An extension refers to a small add-on to your browser in the most general sense. An Edge proxy extension like Windscribe uses a proxy server to help conceal your identity from trackers.

What Is the Best Free VPN Proxy Extension for Edge?

The simple answer is Windscribe. Although there are many free VPN proxy extensions available, many of them come with unseen risks. Many of these free services live off of monetizing your data. That's why Windscribe VPN uses a freemium business model, so we can still offer low-budget users basic privacy services without having to rely on selling data for monetization. 

How Do I Set up a VPN Proxy Extension for Microsoft Edge?
  • To download the Windscribe VPN extension on Edge, simply go to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons page.
  • Login, choose the server you'd like to connect to, and enjoy a private and secure browsing experience
Can I Change or Hide My IP Address with a VPN for Edge?

Of course you can! You have two options: choose autopilot and let us find you the fastest connection, or choose your server location and click connect. That's all there is to it!