'Tis the Season to Get Great Deals

'Tis the Season to Get Great Deals

Ben Thornton
Ben Thornton

In the famous words of Slade's Noddy Holder - a reference that makes me feel ancient - "Iiiiit's Chriiistmaaass!"

December has arrived and I would very much love to say that it marks the start of the Christmas season... Unfortunately, the shop shelves have been stocked for months now as the commercialization of what should be a family-centric holiday continues unabated.

"That's a bit rich," I hear you say, "Isn't this a blog about sales?"

Yes. Yes, it is. But there are - if the court will allow - mitigating circumstances! For one, my complaint is aimed at the extension of the holiday season for no other reason than to guilt you into buying more stuff that you don't need. We're not doing that.

What we are doing is offering consistently great value deals for a product that we absolutely believe in. Countless hours of passion have been and continue to be poured into Windscribe, and we're serious about everyone's right to privacy.

That's why we are always looking for ways to give you great deals!

Last Chance for Cyber Monday Deals

Our Cyber Monday offering ends today at 23:59 EST; this deal is one of our best-value yearly events, so if you haven't already, make sure you get in on the action. You can get a recurring yearly subscription for just $29, or a one-time $69 (nice) for 3 years!

The ABCs of the Internet

Our "The ABCs of the Internet" YouTube Shorts series has successfully launched and episodes continue to be released every Wednesday and Sunday. If you'd like to learn something about Internet lingo while laughing, check them out on our YouTube channel.

Why is this being mentioned in a post about deals? Why, indeed, my curious-minded friends. To that, I can only tell you to watch the video and keep your eyes open.

Check out all our currently released videos here

You Better Watch Out

The end of Cyber Monday isn't the end of great deals, however. In the spirit of the season of giving, we're going to be launching another great deal for those looking to get a loved one the gift of digital privacy this year.

We're also going to be doing some social media giveaways as a way of saying thanks to our users for another wonderful year of Windscribe! For details on this and the seasonal deal, keep an eye on this blog and on our social media.

Ben Thornton
Ben Thornton