Tuesday Newsday: Legit Russian Elections
Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday: Legit Russian Elections

Graham C
Graham C

Big news from Russia this past week as we receive the reports of this totally legitimate and not fraudulent election.

Vladimir Putin Wins Election

Honestly, the only surprising thing here is that he only got 88% of the votes. While none of his opponents really ever stood a chance at actually challenging Putin for the throne, one of them is named Leonid Slutsky, which is kinda funny if you're as immature as I am.

Anyway, on a more serious note, Putin is seemingly doubling down on his whole "IDGAF about starting WW3" spiel, which is pretty alarming. Also, since Navalny got KGB'd he's been extra unhinged.

Those are rookie numbers meme
POV: you're a dictator with less than 100% of the votes

We are hopeful that 2024 will be Putin's last year in office. Since we're perpetual optimists here at Windscribe, we've decided to offer our dearest friends stuck behind the Russian firewalls a deal to see the year out. Click the CTA below to claim one of our cheapest deals available ($29 per year). Make sure to go fast, only the first 2024 of you can claim the code. It would also be nice if you're actually Russian, but we have no way of knowing.

Your Data or Your Appointment? The NHS Offers a Choice

Our British readers probably shudder at the thought of NHS mismanagement. The chronically underfunded and understaffed health service is increasingly plagued with record waiting times.

With pressure from the government to shorten the turnaround time for appointments mounting, the NHS is turning to the beloved private sector to solve its woes. This leaves would-be patients with an option: use third-party software at the expense of their data, or wait unforeseen amounts of time for their appointment.

Apex Legend Pros Hacked Mid-Tournament

Early Monday morning, 2 separate Apex Legends pros were hacked mid-game and had cheats forcibly installed and executed on their accounts. The Hacker even reassured the devs of popular modding software R5 was not responsible for the vulnerability, but did not comment further.

There has been speculation that the game's built-in anti-cheat software (Easy Anti-Cheat) is vulnerable but there has been no official confirmation from developer Respawn Entertainment or publisher Electronic Arts (EA).


Texas decided to copy their swamp-dwelling brethren over in Louisiana and are now requiring age verification to access sites with content deemed "harmful to minors." In retaliation, the porn overlords over at pornhub.com decided to flip Texans the bird and completely block access to their website from Texas-based IPs. If only there were some simple workaround to this...🤔

Graham C
Graham C