Windscribe's 6th Year Anniversary... and a new video!

Windscribe's 6th Year Anniversary... and a new video!

Simon Phoenix
Simon Phoenix


This April 20th marks the 6th year of Windscribe's existence. That's a whole 2191.455 days of us working towards keeping your online presence as private as it can be. All we can say is that it has, and continues to be, our honor and pleasure to serve you. We are tremendously thankful to each one of our users and every one of our staff members for making Windscribe what it is.

A huge round of applause to our staff

Without our staff, we are nothing. The sheer amount of work that is required to keep Windscribe up and running, let alone innovative, is gargantuan. There are only 40 of us, so many of our team-members wear multiple hats and balance a tremendous workload across a multitude of silos. What's more, they do it with a level of grace that would make swans jealous. All of this to ensure that Windscribe remains a company worthy of its success. We love you all and are deeply thankful for your hard work, your ideas, and your presence.

A huge round of applause for our community

Many of you reading this may not have experienced our Reddit and Discord communities. The people - nay, the absolute beauties - you will find there have been instrumental in the betterment of our company. They have helped users, they have beta tested our app, they have made more suggestions than we can count and they have had our backs from day one. It is awe-inspiring to see a group of people so supportive and eager to help each other out, all on their own time. We are honored to have you by our side and will continue to work very hard to ensure your ideas and suggestions are incorporated into our vision.

Seriously, if you are reading this and you haven't been to our Discord or Reddit, don't be shy, say hello! We promise you will learn new things, or, at the very least, have hilarious conversations.

A huge round of applause for our users

Over the years, we have delighted in watching our user numbers grow. As of today,  we have reached over 43 million users, a number large enough to be considered a 'metric shit-ton'. This year, many new users came from areas of the world that have been undergoing massive, and in many cases, violent changes. To those users, we wish you nothing but peace and freedom, however you may define them. You have reminded us that the work we do is, at least to some small degree, helpful at alleviating the impacts of bad situations. Additionally, you have given us the opportunity to find ever-more meaning in our work, and that, above all, is a gift we take very seriously.

Without our users, we wouldn't have anyone to build for, our work would be inconsequential, and we'd have to resort to paying our employees with ziploc bags full of Cheerios... still. So to all of you, from servers located at the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We won't lie, it feels really nice to see that the effort we've put into Windscribe being appreciated by so many of you. It's like we cooked a huge meal, and everyone enjoyed it. But a feast is nothing without dessert, and so we've prepared two toothsome delicacies that you can gorge on...

Our New Space Anime Video Extravaganza

Prepare your eyeballs and earballs for a journey into space almost 8 months in the making. Watch what Stanley Kubrick would have called "passable" (if he were still alive) and what modern day Rotten Tomato shills would call "the greatest movie ever made in the history of movies and history itself." Drum roll please...

Discounts discounts discounts

...and you get a discount, and you get a discount!

Some of you may be thinking, "yeah, yeah, yeah, enough with the emotional stuff, let's get to the f*&@ing deals already." Some of you may be thinking, "aww that was nice, let's get to the f&*#@ing deals already." And yet others may be thinking "is cereal a soup?" Well to all of you, behold this anniversary deal: 2 Years of Pro for $69. That is less than $2.88, and slightly higher than $2.87 per month. Wow. Just... wow. Deals. Wowww.

Thanks for celebrating our birthday with us, we look forward to celebrating many more with you.

Simon Phoenix
Simon Phoenix