Friday Factday: Windscribbles
Friday Factday

Friday Factday: Windscribbles

Ben Thornton
Ben Thornton

Welcome one and all the this, the last episode of Friday Factday – at least, until 2024! As ever, I'm your grandiose guide into the wonderful world of Windscribe, providing a new topic and a handful of facts every week. It has been a privilege to bring you this series, and I hope for many of you, your toilet breaks have been a little bit more interesting.

To wrap the year up, I thought we could go for a topic much, much closer to home – Windscribbles! That's right, this week, as we say goodbye to 2023, I'm going to lay down a smattering of facts about this very blog site that you find yourself on. Let's get going!

Starting With Speed

For Windscribbles, 2023 was kicked off by a post on January 12th by Yours Truly, titled “Does a VPN Slow Down the Internet?

A very simple premise, this article nevertheless touches on one of the most common questions from concerned potential customers who are not sure whether it is worth getting a VPN. You should give it a look!

More Than One Front-page Post a Week!

Okay, so that's a bit of artistic license there, I'll be honest. Over the year, we posted 55 front-page blogs (including this one), which does work out to a little over 1 per week on average.

In reality, the start of the year was much slower than the last few months, where we've cranked it up to the Nth degree and are now bringing you much more content – and we don't intend to slow down!

The Launch of Tuesday Newsday

One of the important notes for Windscribbles developments this year is the introduction of not one, but two weekly blog series! The first to launch was Tuesday Newsday, helmed by the brilliant Graham, on August 29th.

The series has proven popular, and we now stand at 17 unbroken weeks of Tuesday Newsday. That streak technically ends next week, as the first of 2 weeks without Tuesday Newsday – but given that's because we'll all be taking the holiday off, I think we can be forgiven!

The Prolific Penman

This achievement is for the writer that contributed the most blog posts to Windscribbles in 2023: drum roll, please...

...Well done, Graham!

Graham joined us this year and has been a tireless worker, with notable contributions to Windscribbles and content in general. We're all excited to keep working with him in 2024 and seeing what he has for us (psst he's working on something super secret and super awesome in a similar vein to our VPN Relationship Map... watch this space in the next couple of months!).

Friday Factday Finds Its Footing

For the final Windscribbles fact of 2023, it can only be about this series itself. First launched on November 3rd, you wonderful readers have been joining me every Friday for 7 weeks now, and I've enjoyed scouring the internet for curious kernels of knowledge for you all.

Friday Factday will also be returning after the holiday hiatus, so keep an eye out in January for the series kicking back up again – there's an infinite amount of trivia out there, stick with me as we go on a journey to learn them all!

Thank You and Happy Holidays

In close, I want to say a big, heartfelt thank you to all of you who read this blog, have been watching our new YouTube videos, or have just generally been an avid supporter of what we do at Windscribe in general – you the real MVPs!

If you don't already have Windscribe for some unfathomable reason, then now is a great time to pick up a 1 Year Pro sub for just $39, thanks to our ChristMoose deal.

Ben Thornton
Ben Thornton