Windscribe’s Stance On The Invasion Of Ukraine
We want to ensure that the people of Ukraine and Russia alike know the truth of the unfolding invasion.

Windscribe’s Stance On The Invasion Of Ukraine

Daniel Sobey-Harker
Daniel Sobey-Harker

We have Ukrainian translations for installing Windscribe linked below.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, we are providing a free data code to ensure those affected by censorship the means to communicate. Because of the severity of the invasion and the lives at risk we are moving resources to keep channels clear.

There is also a staggering amount of Russian disinformation polluting online discussion. Many of those affected are essentially isolated and do not know the true scale of what is at stake.

By using the following code “ПИЗДЕЦ” you can get 30GB applied to your account.

The reason we are not providing unlimited data is because we must make sure our infrastructure will be available at all times. We don’t care about “misuse” but we cannot allow for people who aren't affected to detract from those that are.

Share this with your friends or family who are in Ukraine or Russia

Relevant tweets with information. Please share these with those you personally know who are affected:



Please remember the reason for this. Free data is great, we know, but if you don't need it don't take it from those who do.

If you are a journalist covering events and need more by all means please reach out to me via DMs. I’ll see you are provided with whatever you need to keep information flowing.

Additionally share this tweet with ANY journalists.

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UPDATE: 01/03/2022 - Government Blocking Requests.

We will not comply with Ukrainian government requests to block Russian users.

There is no risk of anyone utilising our network to commit any attacks. We're on top of that. But there is a very real risk of ordinary Russians being mislead as their only news source is state sponsored media. Informed people make better choices.

So let's keep Russia informed.

We believe that state sanctioned media that exists solely to manipulate people don't have a right to demand our services. Which is why we have had added various proven state sanctioned disinformation websites to our fake-news filter in R.O.B.E.R.T.

You can find more details here:

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Team Windscribe.

Daniel Sobey-Harker
Daniel Sobey-Harker