What We've Been Up To Lately

What We've Been Up To Lately

Graham C
Graham C

It’s been a blink of an eye and we’re already well into February. While last year can only be characterized as patently insane (globally speaking), Windscribe’s focus this year is on strengthening our product and our company. 

The path towards long-lasting stability was kicked off last year by a migration of our core infrastructure to our own self-hosted and self-managed data center in our Toronto HQ. Why did we undertake such a monumentally challenging and annoying task? The answer is simple: control. 

Some Small Windscribe Updates

Since the last time you read one of our newsletters, we’ve been working harder than a diamond in an icestorm on all kinds of delectable little treats…

Windscribe Teams Up with World of Warships

First, there was peanut butter and jelly, then there was Sherlock and Holmes, Jordan and Pippen, rum and coke… You get the picture. Now there is an even greater combination: World of Warships + Windscribe. Keep an eye out on Windscribe’s social channels for exclusive deals and contests. Playing a video game just might end up saving you money, despite what your mom always told you. 

New Site, Who Dis?

If you’re like us and possess a set of functional eyeballs, you simply must check out our new website. It’s pretty damn good-looking. We’re talking Beyoncé in the early 2000s hot; we’re talking young Jude Law hot; we’re talkin’ pre-salad dressing Paul Newman hot. 

Garry is Dead, Long Live Garry

We’re also super excited to announce the FULL rollout of Garry 2.0. The old Garry is now gone, living on an island with 2Pac and the Oxyclean guy. New Garry is kind of like New Coke, except he doesn’t suck. Whether you need assistance, or just want a smart little lunatic to talk to, look no further. Señor Garry is your eloquent and well-spoken digital helper for anything Windscribe-related. Support? He has your back. Hilarious banter? Garry is there for you. Payment questions? Yep. Financial advice? No. Do not trust Garry’s stock picks. He is not a financial advisor. Be careful though, if you spend too much time chatting with him you may find yourself falling in love... 

Another Shameless Control D Plug

By now most of you are probably aware that Windscribe has a younger sister company: Control D. What you may not know is that Control D has just finished puberty, and is now a full-on adult! This means she can now handle enterprise-level DNS query loads while still giving you incredible granular control of your internet experience. Watch out world, there’s a new boss bitch in town. 

Hot Takes from Our Blog, Windscribbles

It’s my pleasure to introduce yet another new recurring blog segment: Friday Factday™. Just as every Tuesday we touch on the cybersecurity and privacy world updates that you may have missed, we’ve set aside every Friday to release educational content for the benefit of our beloved readers. We sincerely hope you find it useful. 

Windscribe mascot Garry herds a flock of RAM sticks
Sometimes, the simple puns are the best ones

By Connie L

Connie, our backend team superstar and absolute Arch Linux goddess, breaks down some awesome updates we’ve made to the way Windscribe VPN nodes boot up and persist data (and, in our case, not at all).

Redacted government forms showing "The following document has been deemed extremely insulting and embarassing to the government of..."
Windscribe will always fight against censorship

Users in countries with restrictive networks can now improve their chances of a stable connection. This feature has been made available on the Windscribe Android, iOS, & Desktop apps.

Windscribe mascot Garry shakes hands with someone from Paradigm
The Internet should be free and open to all

By Stephen P

Our partnership with World of Warships wasn’t the only thing we have had cooking up. We’ve joined forces with Paradigm HQ, a pan-African NGO that works to connect underserved young Africans with digital opportunities and ensures the protection of their rights. 

Image of Windsribe mascot Garry on the deck of a battle ship, with a naval officer cap on.
Don't tell anyone, but Garry gets really bad seasickness

By Graham C

The partnership of the century is here! Windscribe has joined forces with World of Warships as they launch their loyalty rewards program: Captain’s Club. Make sure to check it out, you’ll be able to find exclusive deals available only to friends of Windscribe ;)

Cartoon image of Windscribe mascot Garry travelling across Japan with a suitcase in hand
Agustin traveled to Japan to see some sights and spread some Windscribe joy

By Ben T & Agustin S

Join us as Windscribe travels across the land of the Rising Sun! 

The State of the Internet: In Case You Missed It

MoveIT Breaches continue to have long-lasting effects, with an estimated 2000+ organizations and more than 62 million people affected. 

Wars in Palestine, Sudan, and Ukraine affect millions of civilians caught on both sides of the crossfire. 

Google kills Geofence Warrants by no longer centrally storing user location data (or so they promise).

23&Me Data Breach exposes the sensitive genetic data of 6.9 million people. Queue the incoming class action lawsuits.

The Snoopers Charter goes into effect, despite it being wildly illegal. Everybody, say thanks to King Charles!

Graham C
Graham C